nominate Lesser Black-backed Gull (L. f. fuscus)

(last update: 16-11-2009)

Amir Ben Dov (Israel)
Hannu Koskinen (Finland)
Mars Muusse (the Netherlands)

fuscus rings

fuscus 1cy July
fuscus 1cy Aug
fuscus 1cy Sept
fuscus 1cy Oct
fuscus 1cy Nov
fuscus 1cy Dec

fuscus 2cy Jan
fuscus 2cy Feb
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fuscus unringed Aug
fuscus ad Sept
fuscus ad Oct
fuscus ad Nov
fuscus ad Dec

Larus fuscus fuscus 7cy C75C, August 09 2002, Tampere, Finland (61.33N 24.59E).

C75C was ringed in Kanala, Finland (61,54N 24,32E); ringed as pullus on July 03 1996. Hand when ringed: 262 mm. 
Ring records at Tampere landfill:
1998: 4 records from 1998-06-11 until 1998-07-17,
1999: 10 records from 1999-05-04 until 1999-08-30,
2000: 15 records from 2000-05-04 until 2000-08-09,
2001: 18 records from 2001-04-20 until 2001-08-31,
2002: 19 records from
2002-04-26 until 2002-08-10,
2003: 5 records from 2003-05-18 until

Ringed as pullus at Kanala, Finland on July 03 1996, now in 7cy. There is a clear difference between the conditions of the primary tips P4 and P5, but this is not necessarily related to arrested moult as P4 is hidden by the tertials most of the time. Moult has started with the upper tertial missing, the innermost greater covert has been shed as well. Primaries P1 to P10 are still present. Note three central greater covert, which are stronger bleached than the adjacent coverts. In general: a pitch-black adult LBBG.