nominate Lesser Black-backed Gull (L. f. fuscus)

(last update: 17-11-2014)

Amir Ben Dov (Israel)
Hannu Koskinen (Finland)
Mars Muusse (the Netherlands)

fuscus rings

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Larus fuscus fuscus CNHU 2CY, August 09 2013, Pirkanmaa, Finland. Images: Hannu Koskinen.

White CNHU is ringed as a chick on 03.07.2012 at Heinävesi, Etelä-Savo 62°27'N 28°39'E, East Finland.

Interestingly it has been recovered twice until now: CNHU was at Ämmässuo dump (close to South Coast of Finland) already on 3.8.2013, but then returned back to Pirkanmaa for a few days (9.8.2013 see below).
However even more remarkably it was seen in Southern Ukraine on South Coast of Black Sea on 30.04.2014 as a 3cy at MIKOLAYIV O. (UK65), UKRAINE 46°39'N 31°10'E. Showing nicely how this area is on route of nominate fuscus migrating through.

Inner primaries replaced, except P10 (left) and P9-P10 (right) on the wintering grounds. Subsequent moult was limited in tertials and coverts, with almost black new 3rd gen feathers.