nominate Lesser Black-backed Gull (L. f. fuscus)

(last update: 25-1-2010)

Amir Ben Dov (Israel)
Hannu Koskinen (Finland)
Mars Muusse (the Netherlands)

fuscus rings

fuscus 1cy July
fuscus 1cy Aug
fuscus 1cy Sept
fuscus 1cy Oct
fuscus 1cy Nov
fuscus 1cy Dec

fuscus 2cy Jan
fuscus 2cy Feb
fuscus 2cy March
fuscus 2cy April
fuscus 2cy May
fuscus 2cy June
fuscus 2cy July
fuscus 2cy Aug
fuscus 2cy Sept
fuscus 2cy Oct
fuscus 2cy Nov

fuscus 2cy Dec

fuscus 3cy Jan
fuscus 3cy Feb
fuscus 3cy March
fuscus 3cy April
fuscus 3cy May
fuscus 3cy June
fuscus 3cy July
fuscus 3cy August

fuscus 3cy Sept

fuscus 3cy October
fuscus 3cy Nov
fuscus 3cy Dec

fuscus 4cy Jan
fuscus 4cy Feb
fuscus 4cy March
fuscus 4cy April
fuscus 4cy May
fuscus 4cy June
fuscus 4cy July
fuscus 4cy Aug
fuscus 4cy Sept

fuscus 4cy Oct
fuscus 4cy Nov
fuscus 4cy Dec

fuscus ad Jan
fuscus ad Feb
fuscus ad March
fuscus ad April
fuscus ad May
fuscus ad June
fuscus ad July
fuscus ad Aug
fuscus unringed Aug
fuscus ad Sept
fuscus ad Oct
fuscus ad Nov
fuscus ad Dec

Larus fuscus fuscus adult CV03 February 2008 & 2009 & December 2009, Ashdod, Israel. Pictures Amir Ben Dov & Yoav Perlman.

CV03 was ringed as +2cy on July 23 2005 at Hauho, Finland (61.1886, 24.6181) by ringer Jouko Astor. In these pictures, it is at least 6cy.

Larus fuscus fuscus adult CV03 December 08 2009, Ashdod, Israel. Picture: Yoav Perlman.

below: Larus fuscus fuscus adult CV03 February 26 2009, Ashdod, Israel. Picture: Amir Ben Dov.

below: Larus fuscus fuscus adult CV03 February 15 2008, Ashdod, Israel. Picturs Amir Ben Dov.

Last stage of complete primary moult mid-February 2008; with P9 fully grown, P10 almost as long as P9.