nominate Lesser Black-backed Gull (L. f. fuscus)

(last update: 1-3-2010)

Amir Ben Dov (Israel)
Hannu Koskinen (Finland)
Mars Muusse (the Netherlands)

fuscus rings

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Larus fuscus fuscus 5+cy female C75P & 4cy male C74A May 01 2008 & May 02 2009, Tara dump, Tampere, Finland. Pictures Hannu Koskinen.

A pair of fuscus, both birds have been ringed. C75P is a female and has been ringed as 2+cy in Finland, on 02 August 2006 at Luopioinen, SW Finland. male C74A has been ringed in Finland as well, as pullus on 06 July 2006 at Hauho, SW Finland.

Side by side, the sex difference is obvious.

below: 3cy C74A 01 May 2008, Tara dump (Tampere) SW Finland. Picture: Hannu Koskinen.

Ringed as pullus on 06 July 2006 at Hauho, Finland. Very adult-like plumage-wise, including limited black on the bill. Black on central tail feathers, and, as it seems from this image, no mirror on P10.